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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a family portrait session?

The session itself costs £100 and that includes £100 credit towards products you decide to purchase. You’ll love the choice of handcrafted wall frames, smart canvases, stunning contemporary wall hangings and drop-dead gorgeous albums with prices starting from £150.

How long does a shoot last is there a time limit?

Typically, a shoot will last around two hours but there is no time limit. I usually only shoot one session per day so you won’t be under any pressure either to start (I know how difficult it can be to organize a whole family) or to finish (we’ll simply take as long as we need – and why stop when you are having fun?). Also, I want to have time to get to know you so we can capture who you really are.

What should I wear?

I will send you a fact sheet when you book with full details, but basically something you feel comfortable and relaxed in. A simple top and a nice pair of jeans is a good start. But consider your favourite dress, that cool new outfit and allow teenagers to have one outfit they want. Which reminds me, you’ll have time to change and I encourage this as it adds variety.

What should we bring?

Again, I will send you a fact sheet when we schedule your session but a favourite toy or bike for the children is a good idea. Kites work well and do feel free to bring a pet.

How far do you travel for a shoot?

I regularly travel within a 40 mile radius of Shepperton (TW17) and don’t charge since that’s really just round the corner from where I live. I do a lot of shoots beyond that (I like to travel!) and charge 40p per mile to cover travel expenses.

How can I see the shots after the shoot?

You are going to really enjoy this – a big-screen slide show with music in your own home. About a week after the shoot, I will come to you with a screen, a projector, lots of samples and your fully finished images. And you will love every one of them. (Oh, yes, I will need access to an electricity socket and plenty of tea, please.)

We’ll start by allowing you to just sit back and enjoy your images. Next, we’ll select the ones you want for yourself and other family members (grandparents will never forgive you if they don’t receive one or two) and then we’ll design the products. The whole experience lasts for about an hour or so (but, as with your shoot, there is no time limit).

What products do you sell?

Very, very good ones. Think sumptuousness. Think elegance. Think beautiful wall art. All my products are produced by specialist suppliers to professional photographers – handmade frames, smart canvases, very contemporary products like box frames and edge mount prints and state-of-the-art pieces such as the Alumini, the Art Block and the Art Canvas. My top-of-the-range albums are hand crafted in New Zealand because I have not found anything to better them nearer to home.

Can I buy individual prints?

My aim is to produce beautiful art for your wall and stunning spreads in your album – big images in bold products. My philosophy is to create products you will be proud to own and share and taking shots is only the first stage in this process. For this reason, I do not sell prints or digital files.

I hate having my photograph taken.

I know. So do I.  It’s something people say to be all the time – but you’ll find that by the end of the shoot you’ve had a great time. Put behind you memories of school photographs, intimidating studios and forced smiles because this is going to be a relaxed, fun and enjoyable experience. “Well that was lots of fun” is what the same people say to me at the end of the shoot and my objective is for you to feel that too.

You havent answered my question

Oh dear – and I was trying so hard. Please, if you have another question simply call me on 01932 253308 or get in touch using the contact form on this site, by email or via Twitter.